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Quick Invoices!

You create, we deliver, so you can focus on what is most important to your business and check back anytime for consent from your clients, that is all it takes on #invoicis.

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How to use

Add Client

Step One

After you login, look on the topbar and click on the Clients link, when the page opens up, select add client and simply add in your client's details and submit. That is all!

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Create Invoice

Step Two

After adding your client, look on the topbar again, click on the Invoices link, when the page opens up, select add invoice, select your client, add items and any other details and submit. Hurray!, your mail is on its way.

Get Feedback

Step Three

After submitting your invoice to the client, lookout for an email or check back on your dashboard anytime for an acceptance message or a feedback on what other things you might have missed. Re-submit after you update and voila! You are done. Repeat the process until you and your client(s) are both satisfied.

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